During various times of your life, special circumstances may create the need to borrow money. Florida Customs Federal Credit Union offers loans to its members for a wide range of purposes within stated policies and guidelines. Most loans can be granted within 24 hours simply by contacting us.

Auto Loans

Looking to purchase a car or truck? We offer incredibly low rates on new and used vehicles. Up to 100% financing is available for qualified buyers with fixed rates. Refinancing is available for vehicle loans at other financial institutions.

But great rates are just the start of a great car buying experience. We offer many services to help you drive away happy. If you're ready to buy, you can get pre-approved and save time at the dealership.

We also provide protection for your car - get an extended warranty (at hundreds of dollars less than comparable plans at the dealership) and GAP coverage at a special discounted price. You can do it all through your credit union when you apply for your vehicle loan.

Save time and get the vehicle that's right for you. Our convenient services get you there faster and leave more time for driving.

Personal Loans

You won't believe how quick and easy is it to get a personal loan up to $12,500. Whether you need funds for car repairs, emergencies, or to consolidate credit card balances and other consumer debts into one easy monthly payment, Florida Customs FCU offers you rates and options to fit your needs.

Share Secured Loan

For the lowest interest rate, a loan may be secured or collateralized by shares in your share account. Share secured loans are ideal for making purchases without depleting your savings. Borrow up to the amount in your share account at a low rate and continue to earn dividends on the full amount in your account. In addition, share secured loans are an excellent way to establish credit.

Take a look at our rates, compare your payments, and get the money you need. Stop by our office or apply online - today!

Member qualifications are based on the loan purpose, ability to repay, credit worthiness and security offered. It is our goal to provide our members with a fair and competitive interest rate, easy to understand terms, and fast, convenient service on every loan we make.