Effective May 15, 2023

Share Draft / Checking Accounts
Overdraft transfer - automatic no charge
Printed checks varies
Temporary checks - 4 checks/page $2.00 each
Check returned unpaid (NSF) $35.00 each
Stop payment order (effective 12 months) $15.00 each
Photocopy of cleared check (free online) $4.00 each
ACH NSF fee $35.00 each
Negative balance fee (after 5 days)  
      negative balance less than $50 $3.00/day
      negative balance $50 or more $5.00/day
ATM / VISA Check Card

Card replacement fee

Additional replacement

$10.00 each

$15.00 each

Transactions at Publix Presto ATMs FREE
Withdrawals at all other ATMs* $2.50 each
*Note: Other ATM operators may impose a surcharge  
Rush ATM/Debit Card fee $40.00 each

 Rush PIN fee

Loan Fees  
Late Fee (if more than 10 days late) 5% of payment
($5 min.)
Miscellaneous Fees  
Returned deposit item - from self $35.00 each
Returned deposit item - from third party $15.00 each
Document copy, printout or fax per page $1.00 each
Photocopy of Credit Union issued check $3.00 each
Research (per hour) Minimum 1 hour $25.00/hour
Duplicate Statement Copy
      (free with e-statements)
$2.00 each
ACH NSF fee $35.00 each
Escheat processing fee $95.00 each
Credit Union check payable to third party- 3 free/month then $3.00 each
Outgoing wire transfer - domestic $22.00 each
Incoming wire transfer $7.00 each
Rush mail fee - USPS $40.00 each
            Domestic FedEx or UPS $60.00 each
Levy/Garnishment processing fee $50.00 each
Re-open account (closed in last 180 days) $15.00
Return Mail / Bad Address (each after 2nd return) $5.00 each
Verification of Deposit $15.00 each
Rush Vehicle Paper Title fee $30.00