Other Services

In addition to the wide variety of financial services offered by your Credit Union, we also offer additional services.

Extended Warranty
Protect yourself against costly auto repairs. Florida Customs Federal Credit Union offers a competitive extended warranty program for your new/used vehicle.

GAP Coverage
Guaranteed Asset Protection will protect you from paying thousands of dollars if you are a victim of an unrecoverable auto theft or a total-loss accident.

Credit Life Loan Protection
Low cost credit life loan protection is available for your loans with Florida Customs Federal Credit Union.

Credit Disability Loan Protection
Low cost credit disability protection is available for your loans with Florida Customs Federal Credit Union.

Payroll Allotment - Direct Deposit-Net Check
Payroll allotment lets you add to your savings or make your loan payment. Deposit your entire paycheck automatically to your account and you will enjoy free checking.

Contact the credit union for more information about any of these services.


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